(Rumour) : Samsung Pays Apple 1B Sending 30 Trucks Of 5 cent Coins

Samsung Vs Apple

Samsung Vs Apple


Have you guys read the news that Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion by sending 30 Truck loads of 5 cent coins?

There’s this news circulating around the Internet since yesterday that 30 trucks filled with 5 cent coins arrived at Apple’s Headquarters, and Samsung’s CEO called up Apple’s (Tim Cook) explaining that they will pay the $1 Billion Dollars fine that ruled against them in this way.

And the signed document for the fine did not specify the payment method, thus Samsung is entitled to send their Billion Dollars in what ever way they think is best, sending 20 Billion coins in 30 Trucks!!

This news is most likely not true, and it is just a way to lighten up the day.

1 Billion worth of 5 cent coins would probably weigh more than 110000 tonnes and how could Samsung acquire 20 Billion coins in such a short time, and not to mention, it might take more than 30 Trucks to carry this amount!!

If the signed document did not specify any preferred payment method, this could possibly give Samsung the idea to do something creative too! For publicity or for the fun of it.

Ok, this amusement is great, let’s wait and see if this really happens, but most importantly, it is the news that whether Samsung would unveil the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 during the IFA2012 Samsung Unpack Event later today!

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(Rumour) : Samsung Pays Apple 1B Sending 30 Trucks Of 5 cent Coins — 1 Comment

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