Qoo10 Singapore Change In Membership Levels Annoucement

Hello All Friends,

Do note that at Qoo10 Singapore, with effect from 1st July 2012, there is a Change in Membership levels.

Membership Levels

0~15 credit points

15~30 credit points
At least 1 purchase within last 3 months

30 or more credit points
At least 5 purchases within last 3 months

* Changes in the level of membership take effect on the 1st day of every month

Depending on membership level, you can gain various Discount Benefits. Find Out More From Qoo10’s Fun Zone Pages.

What Are Credit Points?

Credit points are issued to a member when orders are made and deducted when orders are cancelled. A member’s accumulated credit points are used to determine one’s membership level.

[Credit point issued]
– Qoo10 member registration: 5 points issued
– Order completion: 1 point issued

[Credit point deducted]
– Order cancelled or refunded: 1~4 points deducted



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