The New BBM vs WhatsApp vs The Rest

BBM for Android and iOS

BBM on Android and iOS?

Have you guys checked out the new BlackBerry Instant Messenger, BBM, on your Android or iOS devices yet?

It is available on Google’s Playstore and Apple’s AppStore and there were already more than 5 million downloads since Monday.

I checked it out on my Note II LTE, but I have yet to get my registration key yet.

BBM is on its way

What’s new / innovative in BBM vs WhatsApp or KakaoTalk or others?

During the days when most of us were still pulling / polling emails on our phones, or checking emails on demand, our friends with BlackBerrys were already getting their new emails pushed to their devices without constantly clicking on the check email button –  I think that was the envy for most of us

But now, with a wide variety of instant messengers with cool interfaces and all, what’s new and innovative about the BBM that will attract users, non BlackBerry users, to bring their conversation out of WhatsApp, WeChat, KaKaoTalk, etc to BBM?

Maybe BBM is more for ex BlackBerry users or converts who are now using Android or iOS devices?

Actually what I would really like to see, is an integrated system where we can chat on mobile or desktop – ie. Start a conversation on mobile and continue from a desktop or vice versa

And for this,  I think iMessage on iOS and OSX devices is doing a very good job!

Yes Google have it too,  Google Chat / Hangouts – and yes,  almost everybody and their grandmother have a gmail account,  and this chat feature is already integrated into google mail now – but not many people are on it! Is it because it’s not as widespread as WhatsApp or Skype? Or the interface is not as attractive as KaKaoTalk, or perhaps the interface still reminds one of an  email system,  and emails are, well,  too formal,  and does not appeal to the younger generation?

What do you guys think? Would you bring your conversations to BBM once you get a chance to register an account?


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