Goodbye MSN Messenger, It’s Time To Update To Skype

MSN to Skype

It’s Time To Update Messenger To Skype

Received a mailer today, “It’s Time to Update Messenger To Skype!”

Microsoft announced in November last year (2012), that it intends to close down its Windows Live Messenger on 15th March 2013, with the exception for mainland China, where Messenger will still continue to be available under license.

Microsoft acquired Skype (for $8.5 Billion) last year, and there were already speculations that Microsoft would bring Messenger and Skype’s competing services closer together.

Previously known as “MSN Messenger” (1999), and now “Windows Live Messenger”, Windows Messenger was introduced in October 2001, with the release of Windows XP, and it was installed and enabled by default.

It was popular, especially amongst the young, for online chats or instant messaging, (before we have Facebook chats, Twitter). During that era, other online chatting option was IRCInternet Relay Chat (1988)AIM and later on, Yahoo! Messenger surfaced.

Now, we have even more instant messaging platforms, especially on our mobile smartphones ie. WhatsApp, TextMe, WeChat, Viper, Facebook Chat on Mobile, etc. Other than the basic instant chatting functions, almost all of these platforms provides similar features too – photo sharing, location sharing, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and some even offers video chats as well.

It will be cool if someday, these apps will all be integrated into ONE common platform, so we do not have to install many applications just to chat!

Meanwhile, do check out Skype if you have not done so.




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