Facebook Phone?

FaceBook Phone EventAre We Getting A REAL FaceBook Phone?

There will be an event announcing FaceBook‘s “New Home on Android” at the Facebook Headquarters on 4th April 2013, 10am Pacific Time (about 1am tonight, 5th April 2013, Singapore Time, GMT+8)

This information seems like an April Fool’s Joke initially, but speculations have been going on that this might be a Facebook and HTC collaboration to introduce a new HTC phone, the HTC Myst / HTC First, with 1Ghz dual core processor, 1Gb Ram, 4.3 inch display (720p), front camera (1.6 megapixel), back camera (5 megapixel) and FaceBook social networking integration.


FaceBook Phone Mock Up

Will this be a REAL FaceBook Phone, or is it just an app / home launcher on Android?

Let’s find out tonight!



Update : 4th April 2013 (PST 1030am)

OK, It’s not a physical SmartPhone, it’s a FaceBook powered Home Screen ..

FaceBook Home

Available for download from Google Play Store from 12th April 2013


FaceBook Home Supported Devices




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