Dine for FREE or FREE Furnitures at IKEA Singapore?

Friday, I was at IKEA Singapore (Tampines) with the family to purchase some furnitures.

At the check-out counter, the IKEA staff was kind enough to let us know about the IKEA Singapore DINE FOR FREE Promotions – If you spend more than S$150 in a single receipt at IKEA for your IKEA merchandise, you can DINE FOR FREE (same day – single receipt)

I was thinking, this sounds too good to be true, I mean, if it is really what I think it is, I could, like, buy S$200 worth of items at the IKEA Restaurant, and I could offset all these when I purchase the IKEA Furnitures. (our total bill for the furnitures was more than S$200)

Here’s the banner that I saw at the IKEA Restaurant :

DINE For Free - IKEA Singapore Promotion

We were a bit skeptical about this promotion, it could mean that, maybe the offset means, if I were to spend S$200 at the Restaurant, I would just need to pay S$50 (ie. S$200 – S$150) at the checkout counter, or it could really mean (S$200-S$200 if it was really true!)

We don’t see a lot of people buying loads of (extra) food at the IKEA Restaurant, so we are not really sure how this promotion actually works..

So, just to be safe, being typical Kiasu (scared to lose) and Kiasi (scared to die), we just spent about S$80 at the restaurant.

And in the end, it turned out that we really got S$80 offset from our furniture purchase! But, we are still not sure if this promotion would mean that if we were to spend S$200 on food, we will get the full amount offset..



You need to dine at the IKEA Restaurant first and everything have to be in a single receipt (ie. you cannot “borrow” receipts from others and combine them for the offset)

The transactions and receipts needs to be on the same day

This promotion is happening from now till 30th June 2013!


Ok, anyway here’s the official text and Terms and Conditions on the banner :

How To Dine For FREE!

  • Step 1 :
    Retain the receipt when you dine-in at the IKEA Restaurant.
  • Step 2 :
    Present the same-day IKEA Restaurant receipt to the cashier when you spend $150 and above on home furnishing products in a single receipt. The cashier will off-set the amount from your home furnishing purchase.


Terms and conditions :

  • Promotion is only valid at IKEA Singapore stores from 23 May to 30 June 2013
  • No combining of receipts for both the restaurant and home furnishing transactions
  • Valid for dine-in and same-day transactions only
  • IKEA Restaurant receipts will be retained by the cashier upon redemption
  • The discount given will be reimbursed to Ikano for any refunds made on this promotion. IKEA Exchange and Returns policy apply
  • Ikano Pte Ltd reserves the right on reasonable grounds to reject the use of the Restaurant receipt at any time. Reasonable grounds include any abuse or attempted use in a manner that is contrary to these terms and conditions; and any reasonable suspicion or dishonesty in connection with usage of the Restaurant receipt
  • Other terms and conditions apply




Happy Dining and Shopping At IKEA Singapore!


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