Buzz Launcher – The Social Media for Android Homescreen Themes

Hello Friends with Android Smartphones!

Do you like decorating or customising your Android Smartphone homescreen? Or would you like to have your favourite Korean Pop Star or Group – or other International stars – featured as a theme for your homescreen? If so, do check out Buzz Launcher, or Homepack Buzz.


Introducing Buzz Launcher

What Is Buzz Launcher – Homepack Buzz?

Buzz Launcher is a new concept launcher designed to enable users to share their Homescreens and also download themes created by other users.

One of the beauty of Android Smartphones is that we can change the theme and homescreen decorations as and when we like!


Buzz Launcher Homescreens

How often have you seen some cool and inspirational homescreen design (in forums or your friends’ smartphones), and always wonder how it is done, what are the steps to achieve that look, or “what is that app on your screen”?

With Homepack Buzz, you can share your wonderful creation or download themes created by other users and use them on your smartphone immediately – or tweak it to your own liking and then apply it your homescreen.

It will also pack the links to the apps that the creator uses, so you can click on them to download the apps from Google Play Store if you want to use them – some of these are paid apps though, so you could look for alternative apps recommended from Google Play Store, or you can purchase them if you want!

The main feature I find that is very useful is the ability to share your wonderful design to the world easily. You can also curate, follow and like creations by other users once you have created a FREE account via the App – It is like the Social Media for Android Smartphone Homescreen Themes!

Unless you want to create customised buttons or icons, you can do all these from your Android smartphone without the need of a desktop computer – you can even use a photo or image as your icon or “buttons”!

Note : You do not need to create an account to use the app or to download homescreen creations from other users

Buzz Launcher Korean PopIf you browse through the recent new creations, you can almost recognise that most of the designs have a strong Korean flavour or are themed around Korean Pop Stars (or Groups).

That could be due to fact that the creator, Buzzpia, is a Korean based IT company, therefore there are a lot of Korean followers! (There are also a lot of international followers too)

It could also be due to the popularity of the recent Korean Pop Culture craze that is happening worldwide and especially in Singapore and Asia!


Buzz Launcher Usage Tips

Buzz Launcher - Backups

Once you have created a satisfactory layout and design, do remember to Backup (from your Buzz Settings)


Buzz Launcher - Add Homescreen
When you download and install new Homescreens from other users, you can still retain your current Homescreen, and just add the new designs (do note that you can’t retain too many screens at once though, the maximum you can can for now, is 9!) You can decide later, if you want to retain your old homescreens or use the new ones


Buzz Launcher - Gestures
Other than having a customised Homescreen, Buzz Launcher also allows you to create your own customised Gestures too – allowing you to activate certain actions, open apps or create shortcuts on your homescreen


Reminder :

When you are uploading your creation, your contacts, messages, memos, photo gallery and other personal information will not be transferred.

However, do note that a snapshot of the screens that you are sharing will be packaged together with the upload.

Therefore, if you are using your own photos as your wallpaper or as an icon, and if you do not want the world to see them, remember to replace it with something else.

Also, since a snapshot of your selected screen will be uploaded, if you have private contact infos, numbers, emails etc that is displayed on your onscreen calendar or notes widget, do remember to remove them too!



Buzz Custom Widget

Buzz Custom Widget

Other than Buzz Launcher, the company also created the Buzz Custom Widget, that allows you to make your own custom widgets to display time, date, and battery status via the Buzz Custom Widget Editor.


Watch this YouTube Video To Find Out More About Buzz Launcher :


Check out Buzz Launcher from Google Play Store today, and start sharing your creative designs to the World!

What do you think of this new launcher? Also, do let us know if you have created any wonderful homescreens too!

Have Fun and Start Buzzing!






All Images in this article are used with permission from Buzzpia

All Trademarks mentioned in the article belong to their respective owners and the Brand Names are mentioned for identification purposes only.


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