– Guide to Filming the Right Room Review Video

An Guide to Filming the Right Room Review Video

The Search for Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star is on. If you think you have got what it takes, submit that video of your own room review, and you and your partner could very well be the proud hosts of twelve hotel room reviews across four countries. For a start, has prepared a guide to help you put your best foot forward. Follow it closely to begin your journey on finding The Right Room. Remember: Only videos shorter than three minutes get to qualify!


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the WallConquering the camera requires conquering yourself first. Spend time in front of the mirror to look at how you speak and move. Strike different poses to find your best angle, while paying close attention to your posture, gestures and body movement. Take as much time to help build up your confidence. After all, there is nothing wrong in admiring yourself a little longer, is there?


Preen Me Up

Preen me upWhile the contest rules do not state that participants must look ‘glamorous’ or ‘drop-dead gorgeous’, being the host on a YouTube channel still requires you to look presentable. Try on different tones and shades to see which colours best bring out your facial features. Select a suitable outfit that complements or accentuates your outlook, and yet does not steal the thunder.


Which Room?

Which Room?The success of your video relies largely on the setting to help you tell your story. Decide on which room you want to feature. Would it be your own bedroom, the master bedroom, or maybe a hotel room which you happen to be staying in? Having space and different lights in the room gives you the freedom to explore different angles with extra depth and width, making it more interesting for the judges to look at.


What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

What's the Story, Morning Glory?You only have three minutes to show, tell and impress before the judges shout ‘cut!’ What do you want to say about the room? It could be the lush interior, your childhood fantasy theme or even the array of bright colours on the wall. It may not be as breath-taking as the ocean-themed rooms at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, or exude the same grandeur of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Most importantly, it is how you tell the story by making it unique so that your video stands out from the others. Have in mind two to three main points you want to cover and build your script based on that.


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes PerfectRehearse in front of the camera and take a few videos to see how you can improve. If it helps, show it to someone else for their feedback too. With smartphones making it so easy to film short videos these days, it would not hurt to take a few more shots just to practise and get it right.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, ActionWhen you think you are ready and confident, get in front of the camera lens and see your hard work go to fruition with your great personality shining through!


With your quick guide to making the right room review video, looks forward to seeing your entry in the contest. Good luck as you embark on your journey to become Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star!






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